Serkan Ozkaya (b. 1973)

Pablo Picasso at Museum of Modern Art, 1998
In A Sudden Gust of Wind, 2007–2013
Crazy Tourist, 2006
Mirage, 2013
An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in New York, 2016
Double, 2017

Often working outside traditional art spaces, Serkan Ozkaya engages in a wide-ranging practice that includes performative displays, public sculpture, and conceptual gestures referring to art history and literature. His work frequently questions the nature of artistic reproduction; his work David (2012) re-created Michelangelo’s sculpture at two times the size. His ongoing Dear Sir or Madam series documents his correspondence to galleries and curators. With strange requests such as “Can I hang the Mona Lisa upside down?” the letters evidence the humor at the heart of Ozkaya’s work.