Serkan Ozkaya b. 1973
A Sudden Gust of Wind, 2007–2013
In A Sudden Gust of Wind (2007 –2013), Özkaya depicted the journey of a stack of papers blown away by the wind. The original work was made with basic materials: standard A4 paper, thread, and glue. The piece was inspired by Ejiri in Suruga Province (A Sudden Gust of Wind), a 19th-century Japanese woodcut by Hokusai, and A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai) (1993) by Jeff Wall. One version of the installation was first exhibited at the Boots Contemporary Art Space in St. Louis, Missouri. Another version of the work was acquired by 21c Museum Hotel and installed at their third location in Bentonville, Arkansas. This version utilizes about 400 metal sheets scattered in a large gallery space.