Ellen Pau b. 1961
Diversion (1990)
Produced one year after the Tiananmen Square protests, Diversion focuses on the emigration flush out of Hong Kong. Footage produced by the Hong Kong Government of Victoria Harbor swimming contest scenes in the 1960s are appropriated by the artist as absurd metaphors and black humor. The artist used no special editing equipment. The overlaying of images is not done electronically, but instead by recapturing the reflected image from the television screen. By combining footage from various sources – government newsreels of the swimming contests, educational videos on swimming, performance video of the sequence of a burning newspaper goat-head floating down a stairwell – the video creates a personal reflection of a collective memory.

Juxtaposes footage of people diving into water with a person repeatedly throwing themselves onto the ground. At points seems to capture both archival footage being played on a television and the reflection on the screen of the room it's being played in.