Oliver Payne (b. 1977) & Nick Relph (b. 1979)

Driftwood (1999)
Mixtape (2002)
Comma, Pregnant Pause (2004)

Oliver Payne
Wandering About Falling Down (2019)

Oliver Payne and Nick Relph are British artist-filmmakers who have collaborated since 1999. Oliver Payne was born in 1977, Nick Relph in 1979. Both studied at Kingston University, London. Payne failed his undergraduate Intermedia course in 2000, and Relph was "booted out" the same year. Curator and critic Matthew Higgs promoted their work and included them in group exhibitions at the Serpentine Gallery (2000) and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (2001) in London. Since then, they have had solo exhibitions in national museums including the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo (2004) and the Serpentine Gallery (2005). According to Artforum, they are "the unanimously hailed first new kids of the post-YBA moment."