Aleksandar Petrović 1929-1994
Three (1965)
Three (Serbo-Croatian: Tri) is a 1965 Serbian film directed by Aleksandar Petrović. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 39th Academy Awards.

The theme of the film is the death, in three forms: as witness of it, as a victim of it, and as an executor. Three was the first Yugoslav movie released in the United States (in 1966).

Aleksandar Petrović's films Three and I Even Met Happy Gypsies provided the world an introduction to Yugoslav cinema. Unlike ‘Three’ it was very well received and translated in over 100 languages.

he movie Three (Tri) is anti-war. It depicts war’s utter bestiality, waste and absurdity. Death is the indisputable protagonist. She takes three different appearances; as punishment, as victim and as the expression of the senselessness of war. You must be against war, but really, fully, against all the actors of the war. And against those who create reasons for war. -- Aleksandar Petrović