Raymond Pettibon b. 1954
Sir Drone (1989)
written, directed and produced by raymond pettibon.

starring mike watt, mike kelley, raymond pettibon, joe cole, crane, chris wilder, angela taffe, and ricky lee.

pettibon presents the early days of los angeles punk rock not as simple metaphor for the human condition, but as a singular attempt to break the organic chain of metaphysical fate. there and then and forever after, music was to be no longer music. hippies were to be no longer hippies. everything was instead to be punk. but punk as an end - a squelching of artistic attempt. more, a transcendence of artistic statement itself, by starting with human material that is entirely artless - punk!

"I was there and I don't remember it being this exciting, this sexy, this insane!" - joe carducci

[hw.2 / 57m. / 1989 / vhs]