Raymond Pettibon b. 1954
Weatherman '69 - The Whole World is Watching (1989)
written, directed and produced by raymond pettibon.

starring mike watt, thurston moore, kim gordon, raymond pettibon, davo claassen, dave markey, janet hausden, joe cole, joey 8 halsman, mark hecht, rich costigan, abby travis, hank vincent, and master nelson tarpenny.

pettibon wields his camera like a truncheon carved of fine midwestern oak, passionlessly culling hardened terrorists from the innocent fellow travellers swept up in youth culture enthusiasms through no fault of their own. thurston moore is jeff jones! mike watt is gabe nemisch! and above all, kim gordon is bernadine dohrn! watch her whip a detention roomful of bad boys into a fightin' killin' guerrilla band of right on nixonslayers! pettibon's lens nearly melts during scenes of revolutionary discipline which leave nothing to the imagination. all scene are performed by method acting!

"we may have disagreed politically, but we all agreed about a little thing in a mini-skirt." - anonymous chicago cop

[hw.1 / 122m. / 1989 / vhs]