Nicolas Philibert (b. 1951)

Every Little Thing (1996)

One of the great European documentarians, Nicolas Philibert began his education by studying philosophy and later worked as an assistant director with such filmmakers as Rene Allio and Alain Tanner. Philibert's ability to approach man with tenderness, directness and sensitivity appears in his film In the Land of the Deaf, an exploration of the world through the eyes of those born without the sense of hearing. In 1995 Philibert revisited the subject of museums--also explored in Louvre City--finding humanity and humor within these stately institutions. Animals and More Animals examines the zoological wing of France's Museum of Natural History, which had been closed for years, and brings to light its unusual treasures. Minimalist and exceedingly moving, Philibert's films have received awards in festivals and various events, but have also achieved a rare feat in France: box office success. Along with Cahiers du Cinema editor Jean Michel Frodon, Philibert joins us to discuss his unique work in nonfiction film.