People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) b. 1967
Free Rod MckMoon from Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) (2013)
Duration 8'17" minutes

Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another) - an audiovisual performance by People Like Us - places similar but emerging subject matter side by side to construct the narrative, where a story emerges as a sum of the parts that came before it yet digresses on a tangent.  All actions have consequences, and here we see them played out, to wondrous and catastrophic effect!

There is no original. Much like speed, dimensions, size, the terms are reliant upon the conditions of the person experiencing it, where they are and when, there is NO absolute.  This is reflected when very similar creative works and inventions occur at the same period by people who have no knowledge of each other's works existence.  In Consequences we reflect that no man is an island, but the island has lots of mirror mazes; in fact some mirrors can be walked through.

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