Stephen Prina b. 1954
Vinyl II (2000)

Vinyl II, a film commissioned for “Departures: 11 Artists at the Getty, February 29-May 7, 2000, by the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California.” A music film scored for string quartet, horn, and voice, Vinyl II is shot in the same style as a documentary, using two galleries at the Getty as readymade sets and recording the music performances live, on camera. The tightly orchestrated motion-controlled zoom, tracking shot, and pan constitute an essay in the exclusions as well as the inclusions that accompany the film apparatus in its travel. It might even serve as a letter of unrequited love if the lyrics were actually heard.

The work's title is a reference to Andy Warhol's film Vinyl (1965), itself loosely based upon Anthony Burgess's book A Clockwork Orange. Prina's film, however, revolves around two Baroque paintings, one by Georges de La Tour (The Muscians' Brawl, 1625-30), the other by Gerrit van Honthorst (Christ Crowned with Thorns, circa 1620). The film features both a vocal performance and score by the artist, accompanied by a group of musicians and shot in the galleries of the J. Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles, where it was originally commissioned as part of the 'Departures' show in 2000.