William Raban (b. 1948)
Broadwalk (1972)
Part of Shoot Shoot Shoot: British Avant-Garde Film of the 1960s and 1970s (1966 - 1976)

Taking a re-found image of a patchwork of black and white confusion and working on it using the Debrie Pinter neutral densities and aperture band the resultant image is re-related into the environment of the cinema. –M. L. "... concerned with post-camera structuring. Again the range is wide, including systematic procedure in printing as in SHEPHERD'S BUSH... the system is not a 'content' to be 'discovered'... a loop of film shot from a fast moving camera, presumably close to the ground, is repeatedly printed, each time with a change in exposure, so that its visual quality alters in imperceptible stages from totally black to totally white, while the sound track, also a continously repeated pattern, gets lower and lower in pitch. The systematic or structural aspect of this film is again partly directed towards the appreciation of duration through attention to minimal developments in the image." –Malcolm LeGrice, Abstract Film and Beyond