La Ribot b. 1963
La Ribot Distinguida
Directed by Luc Peter

For the past 10 years, the flame haired artist La Ribot has toured the world with performances that straddle the world of dance, visual arts and performance. La Ribot's humorous and provocative performances make use of the body's endless expressive possibilities -- political, neutral, minimalist, simple, complex, sexual. In between performances at the Tate Modern in London, La Ribot talks candidly about her working methods and of her passion for dance and art. Peter's film captures La Ribot's highly individualistic personality and is an intimate portrait of one of the most vibrant and important artists of recent years.

Piezas Distinguidas shown:
01 Oh! Compositione No. 22, 1997
02 Outsized Baggage, No. 28, 2000
03 Another Bloody Mary, No. 27, 2000
04 Capricho Mio, No. 8, 1994
05 Manuel de uso, No. 20, 1997
06 No. 14, No. 14, 1996
07 !Ya me gusteria a mi ser pez!, No. 6, 1993
08 de la Mancha, No. 31, 2000
09 Eufemia, No. 5, 1993
10 Zurrutada, No. 32, 2000
11 No. 26, No. 26, 1997
12 Chair 2000, No. 29, 2000
13 Narcisa, No. 16, 1996
Luc Peter

Born in 1963. 1986 Degree in Political Science from University of Geneva. 1989 Research into communication during political campaigns, University of Geneva. 1994 Diploma in directing from DAVI (Département d'Audiovisuel de l'École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne, Bussigny). 1991-98 Assistant director for various films, artistic director at the UNHCR visitor centre in Geneva, producer of a video installation at the Galeries Lafayettes and cameraman for German Swiss Broadcasting Service (SF DRS). 1995 Founded the Belle Journée association for producing and directing his own films. Since 2001 associated with Intermezzo Films SA.