Ron Rice (1935-1964)

Queen of Sheba Meets the Atom Man (1963)
Chumlum (1964)

Ron Rice (1935, New York City - 1964, Mexico) was an American experimental filmmaker, whose freeform style influenced experimental filmmakers in New York and California during the early 1960s.

Rice's Senseless was the winner of the 1962 Filmmaker's Award at New York's showcase of experimental cinema, the Charles Theater. The panel of judges included Variety columnist Herman G. Weinberg and actor Darren McGavin.

Chumlum was selected as one of the 330 films in Anthology Film Archives' Essential Cinema Repertory Collection as chosen by the selection committee of Stan Brakhage, James Broughton, Ken Kelman, Peter Kubelka, Jonas Mekas and P. Adams Sitney.