Sara Sackner

Concrete! (2006)

Sara Sackner has been making documentaries for the last 15 years. Her most recent film is CLASS ACT, her fourth feature-length project and her second directing effort. CLASS ACT, a Studio-on-Hudson and Warrior Poets Production ( explores the crisis in arts education in America’s public schools. CLASS ACT will be released in 2007 by Hart Sharp Video under the Morgan Spurlock Presents line-up.Sackner is the executive producer and co-editor of the feature-length documentary, TIE-DIED: ROCK 'N ROLL'S MOST DEADICATED FANS, about the loyal followers of the Grateful Dead, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1995. Sackner also produced and co-edited the critically acclaimed documentary, PAINTING THE TOWN, about the New York artist, Richard Osterweil, who crashes his way into high society. Sackner produced, directed, and co-edited the feature length documentary, CONCRETE! a chronicle of the world's largest private collection of word and image art, ensconced in a home-museum.