Ali Akbar Sadeghi b. 1937
Malek Khorshid [1975] (avi)
Magical Shahnameh inspired animation produced for Kanoon.

Animator/Director: Ali Akbar Sadeghi
  • Story: Parviz Davai
  • Writers: Parviz Davai, Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, Ali Akbar Sadeghi
  • Camera: Mohammad Feyjani, Mehdi Samakar
  • Sound: Harayer, Changiz Sayyad, Ahmad Asgari
  • Music: Daryoush Dowlatshahi
  • Editor: Harayer
  • Production: The Iranian Institue For the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults
  • Iran, 16 min., Color, 1975
  • Synopsis:

    This animated short film is based on a story from Iranian folklore. A prince falls in love with a beautiful girl the moment he sees her picture. He travels to seven cities in order to find her, encountering various characters along the way.

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