Keith Sanborn


Equivalences [the Kate and Saddam sequence] (2007)
Сила Красоты: Ктрасота силы: The Force of Beauty: The Beauty of Force (2008)


Semi-private sub-Hegelian Panty Fantasy (with sound) (2001)
The Zapruder footage: an investigation of consensual hallucination (1999)
Operation Double Trouble (2003)
The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn (1936/1996)
Mirror (1999)

Keith Sanborn is a media artist, theorist, curator and translator based in New York. Besides a number of one-person shows his work has been included in the Whitney Biennial, the Pompidou Monter/Sampler exhibition, and festivals such as OVNI, Video Vortex, Rotterdam, EMAF, and Oberhausen. His theoretical work has appeared in contexts ranging from Artforum to Kunst nach Ground Zero to catalogues for MoMA , Exit Art, and the San Francisco Cinematheque. He has translated the work of Debord, Viénet, Wolman, Bataille, Napoleon, Kuleshov and Gioli among others. He has also worked as an independent curator with the Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Exit Art, Artists Space, the Pacific Film Archive, and others.