Aki Sasamoto b. 1980
remembering/modifying/developing - excerpt (2007)
remembering/modifying/developing is a musical belief-making system. It consists of three parts; a series of repeated and changing performances that are live and broadcasted as video afterwards; a sculptural installation that shifts its appearance every time I perform; and lastly, the sounds produced in each performance added to the sound from the previous time, creating denser and denser musical belief. I re-inhabit the physical and psychological patterns of this performance over and over again.

When I was performing, 3 mobile cameras were recording their random views of the performance/installations from the ceiling. These videos were broadcasted live on the 3 monitors at a corner of the installation. At another corner, there was a monitor playing the video recording from the day before, whose sound recording was playing through speakers by the musician. When I was not performing, the monitors kept playing the latest recordings.

In this excerpts, the screen is split into 9 sections. 3 performances on different dates are displayed in rows. Each row contains 3 videos that were recorded simultaneously by the mobile cameras hung form the ceiling.

The sound accumulated over time, as it was constantly recorded live together with the sound recorded the day before.
-Aki Sasamoto