Aki Sasamoto b. 1980
Strange Attractors (2010)
Video: Arturo Vidich

Performed with installation at the 2010 Whitney Biennial (on dates containing the numerals 6 or 9)

A Strange Attractor is a mathematical concept, where a trajectory of a graph seems to be attracted to certain point(s)/line(s)/plane(s) in a seemingly unpredictable manner.

Does that exist in a life one experience? Can I observe that in my short life? And can I feel that math through my life?

""Aki Sasamoto's contribution to 2010, Strange Attractors, consists of the careful arrangement of sculpturally altered found objects and insistent repetitions of performances that alter and add to the feelings of the installation; the objects themselves provide guidance for the artist's structured improvisation. Sasamoto demonstrates and develops a kaleidoscopic worldview out of deeply personal episodes and a hypothetical mapping of the universe. In an attempt to understand and feel the mathematical concept of strange attractors in dynamical systems, she jumbles her recent obsession for doughnuts, fortunetellers, hemorrhoids, and things detected in the world."