Ahmed El Shaer (b. 1980)
Ahmed El Shaer - Under examination (2009)
From IN/FLUX - Mediatrips from the African World (2011)

Egypt / 2009 / 3mins / Experimental, Video Art / Arabic

A citizen of Digitaland is seeking a visa to enter Planet Earth. A bureaucrat from the host planet, in charge of controlling movement at the border, is compiling information about him. In the background, disembodied voices speak of “criteria”, “indicators” and “standards”. The traveller has no readily recognizable features: he is no different from any other being created (as he was) with Machimana software. On his forehead is an American flag bandana. Why he is wearing it is unclear; possibly he means to convince the bureaucrat that he is a good candidate for immigration. Obtaining a visa these days is complicated, especially if you’re trying to negotiate passage from and alien-nation into the “real” world.