Jim Shedden (b. 1963)

Michael Snow Up Close (1996, documentary, with Alexa-Frances Shaw)

Jim Shedden (b. 9.18.63) produced and directed his first documentary, Michael Snow Up Close, a collaboration with Alexa-Frances Shaw, in 1996. Brakhage, a portrait of the late avant-garde film master Stan Brakhage, followed in 1998. Commissioned by Bravo! Brakhage was screened at major film festivals worldwide including, Berlin, Toronto, Sundance, Rotterdam, and Telluride.

In 1995 Shedden wrote and hosted Independent Visions, a television program showcasing alternative cinema in Canada.

Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Shedden worked at the Art Gallery of Ontario as a curator of film, video and performance. In 2010 he returned to the Gallery to manage its publishing program, accelerate its move into the online realm, and take on various special projects.

From 1998 until 2010, Shedden worked at the Bruce Mau Design as a manager and creative producer. In that capacity Shedden produced exhibitions, installations, environments, books, events, products, and online projects.

Shedden is the author of numerous articles on film, music, art, books, culture, and life in general, and continues to keep amused by taking on freelance music, film and other programming gigs.