Amy Sillman b. 1955
The O-G 2 (2012)
Animation artwork by Amy Sillman made for her zine The O-G.

The latest volume of The O-G for a buck. Folded inside the low-budget artist booklet is a small poster, “Some Problems in Philosophy,” sort of a crib sheet to understanding the famous philosophers and their theories, from Descartes through Derrida. In hand-drawn chart form, the poster (originally made as a drawing for the show) lists the “great” and “not so great” about each. In a postscript at the bottom Sillman advises readers not to worry about Hannah Arendt, Simone Weil, Elizabeth Grosz, and other women philosophers. “Women – who cares what they think?? Don’t even bother–probably minor stuff–[!]” In this terrific exhibition, Sillman drolly explores the battle between conceptual art and painting, latching onto the image of a lightbulb as both muse and model.