John Smith (b. 1952)

Associations (1975)
Leading Light (1975)
The Girl Chewing Gum (1976)
Shepherd’s Delight (1980-84)
The Black Tower (1985-87)
Om (1986)
Regression (1998-99)
Slow Glass (1991)
Citadel (2020)

John Smith, artist and lecturer. Born in Walthamstow, east London in 1952, Smith studied film at the Royal College of Art. He was inspired in his formative years by conceptual art and structural film, while also being fascinated by the immersive power of narrative and the spoken word. Since 1972 Smith has made over forty film, video and installation works that have been shown internationally in galleries, cinemas and on television. Often rooted in everyday life, Smith’s meticulously crafted films rework and transform reality, playfully exploring and exposing the language of cinema by subverting the perceived boundaries between documentary and fiction, representation and abstraction.