Sean Snyder b. 1972
Schema (Television) (2006-07)
Duration: 7 minutes

Schema (Television), 2006–2007, scripted in collaboration with Olga Bryukhovetska, is an ongoing video project whose first version was presented at the 5th Busan Biennale in 2006 and that will conclude at the Stedelijk Museum CS in Amsterdam in spring 2007. The work is a year long attempt to crystallize and redefine the indeterminate re-ordering that emerge from the chance montage the viewer creates through the use of remote control.

Snyder references Dziga Vertov's 1920s silent newsreels Kinopravda as a formal and editing model and as a reference to emphasize the impossibility of either direct propaganda or of attributing truthfulness to the moving image. The video explicates a schema for television, not only in terms of established television genres and conventions, but also within the specific televisual modality of consuming reality through images. It takes the distinct subjective position of a semi-immediate but cynically indifferent observer, witnessing inevitable and often absurd juxtapositions of what would be considered 'serious news events' (for example, war) with predominately entertaining programs.