Keith Sonnier b. 1941
Send/Receive I, and Send/Receive II (1977)
1977 | 01:01:40 | United States | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 | Video

Liza Bear, Andy Horowitz, Keith Sonnier

A primer in satellite system operation, Send/Receive extends the critique of media as commodity by asking questions concerning the people's right to access satellites. The objective of Send/Receive was specifically to connect groups of artists on the East and West Coasts via public satellite, and it was the first artist-initiated project to do so. Part I presents an in-depth study of the politics and possibilities of using satellite networks to establish a two-way communication system for public use, as opposed to the industry-driven, militaristic and mass media uses to which satellites are currently restricted. Part 2 excerpts a live satellite feed between New York City and San Francisco. href="">Andy Warhol in UbuWeb Film