Lionel Soukaz (b. 1953)

Ixe (1980)

Lionel Soukaz, born in 1953 in Paris, is a French filmmaker.

Since 1973, he began to make films in super-eight, and directed short queer underground films, still taboo in the tradition of FHAR, from pornography (Ixe) to social criticism (I Live In a Bush World). His films often take the form of film essays, similar to that of Jonas Mekas.

He organized several gay film festivals in 1977 at the Film Festival of La Rochelle, and in 1978 in Paris (la "Quinzaine de cinéma homosexuel"). The Ministry of Culture festival interfered, stopping Soukaz. He directed Race d'Ep, un siècle d'images de l'homosexualité with Guy Hocquenghem in 1979. He has been pursuing a career as a discreet, marginal videographer in recent years (and claimed as such). –Wikipedia