Sound & Syntax International Festival of Sound Poetry (1978)

bpNichol, Part 1
bpNichol, Part 2
Jackson McLow, Bob Cobbing, Tom Leonard
Jeremy Adler, Steve McCaffery, Bob Cobbing
Henri Chopin
Bob Cobbing, David Toop
bill bissett
Gerhard Rühm
Bob Cobbing, Franz Mon, Henri Chopin

Sound & Syntax was an ambitious festival of sound poetry at CCA Glasgow that included many of the key writers in that field. International in scope, it builds on the achievements in Glasgow of poets such as Edwin Morgan, Tom McGrath and Tom Leonard, while introducing the audience to a wider survey of experimental poetry.

bpNichol in UbuWeb Sound
Henri Chopin in UbuWeb Sound
Jacson MacLow in UbuWeb Sound
Steve McCaffery in UbuWeb Sound
David Toop in UbuWeb Sound
Gerhard Rühml in UbuWeb Sound
Franz Mon in UbuWeb Sound
Bob Cobbing in UbuWeb Sound
bill bissett in UbuWeb Sound