Annie Sprinkle b. 1954
Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981)
“It doesn't get any better than this! Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle revolutionized the porn industry when it was first released in 1981 and it's sense of sultry fun and joyous innocence can never be duplicated. Scenes include a sexy slumber party with six of her friends; an incredible female-ejaculation scene with a hot male partner; and what is possibly the most explosive solo-sex scene ever recorded. Annie takes us Deep Inside and shows the world how truly expansive and incredible a woman's sexuality can be. “ –

“This film is an interesting take on porn for the period it was filmed in. Shot in 1981, on 35 mm, and considered a ‘classic’, Annie Sprinkle introduces herself, talking directly down the barrel of the camera i.e. to you… or me in this case. Her intro includes a trip down memory lane, photos she shows of herself when she was known as Ellen Steinberg, apparently a virgin until later than I was. What’s endearing about this scene is her explanation to the audience about how much she loves her family, and how great they have been in accepting what she does…

Its a quaint film. She is not your average porn star, she obviously enjoys what she does, is very sex positive about it, and doesn’t hide behind masks or try to sell you some bullshit story. Her pleasure becomes your pleasure. Sure the sets are dodgy and everything looks like its done in a one take wonder, and the lighting is a bit dreary, and there is little to no art direction. But as an unconventional porn star in today’s concept of what a generic adult film star ’should’ look like” – MsPervert, M.E.’s Finishing School

Joseph Sarno was the uncredited “ghost” director of this film as well as the earlier Inside Jennifer Welles. For Annie's entry we go “Deep Inside” which became the favored name of the series afterwards. I wanted to see this film after Annie Sprinkle’s spoke of it so fondly in her performance documentary Herstory of Porn.