Annie Sprinkle b. 1954
Herstory of Porn: Reel to Real (1999)
“In a culture that teaches us to forget, not forgive, our mistakes -- and definitely not to glorify them -- porn star-turned-artist/activist Annie Sprinkle understands not only that to err is human, but that it makes for one hell of a supply of interesting source material. Her latest work, Herstory of Porn, is often wry, sometimes wrenching and constantly challenging -- an unflinching look at her own career, from its rawest roots through its recent mutations. It's a daring choice to kick off this year's Images Festival of Independent Film & Video.

Zaftig and breathy-voiced, Sprinkle -- who got her start as a popcorn girl in an X-rated New York cinema -- appears in front of a screen upon which outtakes from her "greatest hits" constantly play, ushering us through 25 years of every conceivable variation on the primal act with wit, aplomb and an ever-changing wardrobe that must truly be seen to be appreciated.” – Eye Weekly