Survival Research Laboratories
Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem (1988)
Duration: 111 minutes

""Includes, in their entirety: A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief, The Will to Provoke, The Delusions of Expediency: How to avoid Responsibility For Social Disintergration By Acting Without Principle Under the Pretenses of Utility. Also has a number of interviews and 'special editions' of selected documentaries. Well worth it."

""For the uninitiated, imagine a Hellraiser movie filming immense Robot Wars UK style machines on the set of a Skinny Puppy music video... there's big metal stuff blowing other stuff to flinders, with an occasional twitching carcass thrown in. High art for technofetishists, gearheads, nihilists and such... not for vegetarians, kids or the weak.

3 shortish main features and a few extra select snippets from here and there. Watch the audience squeal and scramble away from their perceived doom... watch the beautiful and grotesque metal creatures shiver and tear themselves to bits."