Imogen Stidworthy b. 1963
7AM (2005)
HD video, 5”45, colour, 5.1 Dolby surround sound

Every morning a flood of people passes through the gates of Tian Tan Park, Beijing. 7AM focuses on their morning exercises and the social and sonic space they generate. Isolated figures and small groups scattered amongst the trees fill the park with the sounds of slapping, sweeping limbs and sweeping twig brooms, feet brushing grass into circles and geometric figures, the smack of a sand-filled bag against a back or a back against a tree trunk, snatches of music passing by on portable radios. Each exercise is sustained, time and space measured by the movements of bodies. Thousands of individual movements and rhythms evolve into a spatial, bodily, percussive language. 7AM approaches this acoustic space as an immersive social landscape, drawing the observer into an ambiguous engagement between sight and sound.

Producer: Feng Yan
Video and sound editor: Imogen Stidworthy
5.1 editor: Tim Lambert
Camera: Feng Yan
Camera assistant: Xiao Cai
Sound recording: Chen Chao, Imogen Stidworthy
Sound assistant: Din Yu Fu
Interpretor: Randi Ren

"Ten Women Who Use Film" curated by Jennifer Higgie