Annika Ström (b. 1964)

Ten New Love Songs (1999)
Been in Video (2003)
All My Dreams Have Come True (2004)
The Kindest Artist In The World (2005)
The Missed Concert (2005)
Sunshine Head (2010)
Ingenting – Nothing (2012)
Watercolour which is dripping down on the paper below (2012)
Six Lovely People (2015)
Seven Women Standing in the Way (The first 10) (2016)
The Inept Five (no3) (2016)

After 12 years working in Berlin, Swedish artist, Annika Ström, is now based in the UK. She works in several mediums including video film, which utilize her own soundtracks, text pieces and performance.

All films are courtesy of the artist.

"Ten Women Who Use Film" curated by Jennifer Higgie
Annika Ström in UbuWeb Sound