Margaret Tait (1918-1999)
Place of Work (1976)
UK, 1976
31 minutes, Colour, Sound, 4:3
Original format: 16mm film

A close study of one garden and house and what could be seen there and heard there within the space of time from June 1975 to November 1975. An evocation of a place (in Orkney) with lifelong associations and latterly used as a work place. A family home, from which at the time of filming, the family had long gone. My own home in childhood and off and on through the years, eventually returned to and worked in (and on). Filmed in the months before leaving it. – M.T.

‘…The film is simply an exploration/meditation dealing with a house, which etc….The result then of these camera movements and of this sound, is a perfectly full sense of being there…’ – Noel Burch, in Screen.