Jerry Tartaglia (b. 1956)

Ecce Homo (1989)

Jerry Tartaglia is a filmmaker and writer whose work in Experimental Film and Queer Cinema spans four decades. He studied with the Abstract Expressionist Painter, Harry Koursaros, who introduced him to experimental film and the work of Jack Smith, Jonas Mekas, and Gregory Markopoulos.

Later, he co-founded Berks Filmmakers Inc, one of the longest surviving Micro-Cinema Showcases for Experimental Media Art in the U.S. In the 1970s he produced his now lost feature film, “Lawless” with Warhol Factory star Pope Ondine. He also assisted Tony Conrad in the manufacture & production of the Yellow Movie series in 1973.

He was the first to write about the gay sensibility in American Avant-Garde film, published in The Millennium Film Journal in 1977. His Cinema is an ongoing examination of Identity and media politics through the moving image.