Andy Warhol (1928-1987)
My Hustler (1965)
My Hustler is a 1965 American film by Andy Warhol. The film is propelled by the sonorous, magnetic acting of then-30-year old Ed Hood interacting with the dumb blonde Hustler, Paul America. Joe Campbell ("Sugar Plum Fairy"), Genevieve Charbin and Dorothy Dean also compete for the attentions of the Hustler and provide foils for the interaction of the main characters. The erudite and very funny Hood, a perpetual graduate student in English at Harvard and "live parody of southern gentility", was recruited by Chuck Wein. Hood's magnetic performance was driven by his deep, mellifluous voice, trained by elocution lessons as a privileged child in Alabama, and lubricated copiously by alcohol. Among his many peculiarities was his habit of drinking beer from the bottle, not by placing the bottle to his lips, but into his mouth, sucking on it, as seen in the film.