Clemens von Wedemeyer b. 1974
Die Probe (The Test) (2008)
Die Probe (The Test), 2008

The unedited sequence shows the backstage area of an events venue. A politician enters; he has just been elected president, to excited cheering from his supporters. After the press and the jubilant election team have left, the politician and an advisor go over his acceptance speech. They are looking for words to turn down the office he just gained: The newly elected president wants to refuse the power that has been invested in him. After a quick rehearsal he returns to the stage; the backstage area is empty once more, the film starts all over again.

HD video 16:9, stereo, 12 min, loop

Main cast: Bernhard Schütz, Mirko Böttcher, Christian Victor Keune, Anja Karmanski, Ludmila Skripkina, Holm Taddiken