William Wegman (b. 1943)
Man Ray-Man Ray (documentary, 1978)
Program: Artists on Artists
Date: 1978-01-01
Duration: 00:01:14

Subject: Documentary films; Parodies; Dogs
People: Man Ray; Wegman, William

Clip Description
In William Wegman's "Man Ray, Man Ray," the biographies of Wegman's dog and of the artist Man Ray merge. Host Russell Connor provides straightforward documentary-style narration of important details of both lives -- life in Paris, the Armory Show, artistic influences, and obedience school. Samples of photographic works by Man Ray and Wegman's video work (featuring his dog Man Ray) are included. Key figures in the artist's life are represented by images from a high school yearbook and other "found" photographs.

Program Description
The "Artists on Artists" project was originally intended to create short spots to be broadcast as fills (segments between other programs). Works were acquired and/or produced for the project. The compilation tape, "Artists on Artists" features the following works: Peter Campus On Paul Strand; Louis Zukofsky; 9 Variations On A Dance Theme; Man Ray, Man Ray; Nam June Paik On The Beatles; Northlight.