Andrew Norman Wilson b. 1983
Workers Leaving the Googleplex (2011)
""In 2008, Andrew Norman Wilson worked as a contractor producing video for Google, where he noticed a strange thing: In the building adjacent to his office, workers would stream out every morning, as he arrived. They had worked a long night shift. He also discovered that these workers had a different classification than other contract workers such as himself. They weren’t allowed to touch any of the standard Google amenities that you hear about in every fawning business profile: the free food, bicycles, etc.

Wilson turned his video camera on the workers, who turned out to be Google Books digitizers. When Google found out, it fired Wilson and tried to destroy all of his footage. Despite fear of a lawsuit, Wilson put out a video (titled “Workers Leaving the Googleplex,” referencing early cinema’s “Workers Leaving the Factory” by the Lumiere Brothers) and it went viral."

-Reyhan Harmanci, Buzzfeed