Mi-sen Wu (b. 1967)

Van Gogh's Ear (1995) Revolution N. 9 (2003)

Mi-sen Wu received his professional degree (BFA) in film with honor from City University of New York. His thesis film, Van Gogh’s Ear (1995) features the Beat Generation poet, Allen Ginsberg, has been internationally well received. He had been also trained as an architect at the University of British Columbia. In 1998 the Taipei Film Festival chose only twenty short films over the entire history of Taiwan film production for exclusive screenings, to highlight the historical milestones. Among these twenty films were Ang Lee’s Fine Line and Mi-sen Wu’s Van Gogh’s Ear. Wu has written, produced and directed four major motion pictures: Fluffy Rhapsody (2000), Drop Me a Cat (2002), amour-LEGENDE (2006) and Kara Orchestra (2013). These work once again exhibit an assured sense of Wu’s own unique visual style and has also been invited to many international film festivals, won Wu Best Film, Best Art Direction and Best Sound Design from Golden Horse Film Awards. Wu’s numerous other credits span the genres of documentary, experimental, animation, multimedia stage, TV commercial and music video. He is now based in Montreal and an adjunct associate professor at National Taiwan University.