Dustin Yellin (b. 1975)

The Crack-Up (1999)

Dustin Yellin (born Los Angeles, July 22, 1975) is a contemporary artist living in New York. Yellin’s artworks are based on an accumulative process of painting and collaging on multiple layers of glass, creating three-dimensional forms. Yellin began this accumulative process on layers of resin and has transitioned to laminated glass in his more recent works. He uses found objects, images from a wide range of printed material and photorealistic painting to create fantastic scenes and images. Yellin's exploration of how we move within a mental environment of shifting depths is reminiscent of Deleuze’s A Thousand Plateaus and Robert Rauschenberg's combines. His paintings and collages use a method of representing three-dimensional forms that is similar to both lenticular images and rapid prototyping. The technique approximates a static volumetric display and is autostereoscopic. His artworks appear three dimensional without the use of special glasses or viewing equipment. He was involved in the development of a pixel based rapid prototyping machine (as opposed to a voxel based machine) in order to introduce a digital trajectory into his mark making practice. Yellin is currently researching and developing methods of three-dimensional photography and expanding the breadth of his collages and paintings. -- Wikipedia