Hansjörg Mayer, Germany | b. 1943

Typoactionen (1972)
Oil (1965)

Born in Stuttgart. 1959 studied philosophy with Max Bense and music, University of Stuttgart. Studied Graphics, School of Painting. Stuttgart. 1962 moved to Zurich, attended School of Painting. Made contact with Dom Sylvester HouĀŽdard, John Furnival, Edwin Morgan and Ian Hamilton Finlay. His work included in Between Painting and Poetry and exhibition of Concrete Poetry, organized by Jasia Reichardt ICA, 1965; Mayer came to opening of exhibition where met Clifford Ellis who invited him to teach, based in London. Taught graphic design in irregular blocks from January 1966, through him John Furnival and Tom Phillips were brought onto the staff. Involved in special projects with certain students. After 1971 visited Corsham giving lectures from time to time. Now a publisher living in London, he has worked with many artists including Tom Phillips, Dieter Rot, Lillian Lijn and Richard Hamilton.


"Concrete Poetry: A World View : Germany" in UbuWeb Papers