2003   JANUARY 2   #002

The Space Lady - Major Tom

Wonderful outer-space Casio cover of Peter Schilling's 1983 hit "Major Tom (I'm Coming Home)". Find out more about The Space Lady here and check her out on the new CD "Songs in the Key of Z Volume 2". Want to contact The Space Lady? Well go on! You can visit her myspace page!

- Otis Fodder

TT-5:05 / 5.82MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
from cassette, "The Space Lady by Amazing Thingz" (1990)

The Space Lady writes:
I'm really quite honored and thrilled that you find my music worthy of your website. My whole approach of playing on the street was to make my music available to as many people as possible for free. Now the Internet has the potential to dwarf the persistent and diligent efforts I made over 20 years ... and keeps my music alive without the wear and tear on my poor aging body! "The Space Lady" tape is now available as a CD, and I'm actively recording more songs, including an album of originals. You're right, TSL was recorded in early 1990, although I had been playing those same songs on the streets and in the subways of Boston/Cambridge and San Francisco/Berkeley for 5-6 years previous. I just had no opportunity (or money!) to make a recording, until our upstairs neighbor-friend offered to do it for free on his newly-acquired digital equipment. "Major Tom" was one of my most requested songs, but I did lots of other covers having some otherworldly theme or outer-space reference, even mouldy old standards like "Fly Me to the Moon" or "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" ... most of which didn't make it onto the record. But the 16 that did are probably my best and my favorites.