2003   JULY 5   #186

Let My People Come - I'm Gay

The smash hit, sexually revolutionary, 1974 Musical: Let My People Come! Insipid! Banal! Insane! Seeing that punk rock was born out of the schlock of the 70's, and mostly of the homosexual/weirdo/druggie/nihilist breed, listening to this song makes me understand why punk rock happened at all. Anyone who felt they didn't fit in ran screaming from the music you hear on this page and began a culture of Nastiness. In a way it's good this cheeseball music was made as it was something to turn against, I guess...

- Marty Knox

TT-2:28 / 3.4MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from the Soundtrack LP "Let My People Come" (1974)
Libra Records (ewwww, how 1974 is that?) Catalog #: LR1069