2003   JULY 11   #192

Eileen Fulton - I Wonder Who My Daddy Is

I was rummaging through a stack of old 45's looking for a certain Father's Day song to play on my show Uncle Bri's Early Morning Funhouse last month and came across a record that I had never seen before. That's the beauty of being an unorganized record collector. While looking for one thing...I found something even better!

I put it on the turntable and returned to searching for records. But I stopped dead in my tracks as Eillen described a lonely child all alone pondering where her lost father is. Is he one of the many, many men her mother brought home? No...he's not! Only Grandma knows the answer.

It's from a promotional 45 called "I Wonder Who My Daddy Is" sung by Eillen Fulton and written by Gladys Shelley. The label is NECTAR with the slogan "Music Is The Nector Of The Gods". How hard was that to come up with? The song was on both sides. The stereo side and, I'm assuming, a mono side because there is no mention of the word "mono" on the label. Across it, in big felt-pen letters, was written ""May 1972". Probably by the radio station that received it. Whatever the case, it did save me a Google search trying to track down the date on this 7". But...I did need to know who Eillen Fulton was? So searching I went and found her web page, http://www.eileenfulton.com/. Turns out Eillen was a big time soap opera star on As The World Turns. Check out her web site. Not only do you get her whole story, but you can bounce along to the jaunty little tunes that play while you read of her tremendous success. There was no tune playing I Wonder Who My Daddy Is or was there any info about the song in her discography. Was this the same person who recorded the song? I didn't know, so I wrote her a letter. This is what she answered;

Dear Brian,

I was surprised to get your email. I had almost forgotten "I Wonder Who My Daddy Is?" Freddy Cole made a recording of this as well. Gladys Shelley was always supportive of all who sang her music. Nectar Records Company was owned by Danny Fortunato. The company is no longer in operation. I have lost contact with Fortunato...we were divorced in 1979. I am certainly singing, and love it.

Hope to hear from you.
Eileen Fulton

- Uncle Bri

TT-2:10 / 2MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

(Image courtesy of Uncle Bri)

Lydia L. Pineault writes:
Dear Uncle Bri, Thank you for your fantastic submission Today July 11, 2003, Eileen is fantastic, I also paid a visit to her web site, her Webmaster (forgot his name, do not want to go back and look now or I will loose this page) did a fantastic job! I only watch Day's of our Lives...I do pay attention to a few other Soaps remotely I am just surprised I had never heard of Eileen...Anyway Thank You again...What a rare treat! Made my Morning! Fondly, Lyd