2003   JULY 17   #198

The Frugal Gormets - Satan's Blood

Some kids try really hard to sound evil, these kids succeeded. The Frugal Gormets (sic) were two 14-year-old kids from Indiana who were recording music together for fun and distributed the tapes among other kids they knew. I was a good friend of one of the Gormets, and when I moved from Indiana to Georgia, he sent me their tapes in the mail. I believe he also tried to distribute them by placing them with the tapes in his local public library.

This song is from their first tape called Home Cookin", which they recorded in late 1985. They used a busted tape player to radically speed up and slow down vocals to achieve very unsettling effects, which they layered with soundscapes of casio keyboards, flutes and harmonicas. Every song is about hell, doom and death. On this number, they hector and threaten Charles Manson in a way that might have frightened Charlie himself.

Note that this music was not made with any adult supervision or involvement whatsoever. Both the Gormets turned out to be relatively normal individuals, as far as I know. Lastly, the name of the band predates any controversy involving the real Frugal Gourmet.

- T. Nondorf

TT-1:48 / 1.7MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

(Image courtesy of T. Nondorf)

FluffigtDjur writes:
My God... Satans Blood... by the Frugal Gormets... I don¥t know if you have noticed this.. but the guy singing. It¥s Cartman from south park! "God damn you, I¥ll kill you! You god damn hippie!!"

Cementimental writes:
Wow, Satan's Blood is terrifying! I really want to hear the rest of that tape, hope someone'll upload the whole thing somewhere eventually?

Patrick writes:
Pre-eminent teen rockers Frugal Gourment serve up another culinary/satanic/teen angst masterpiece in "Satan's Blood." This record truly speaks to teens like no other record does. Damned by God, yet having your goddamn guts hated by Satan is truly representative of the spiritual "no man's land" inhabited by many of today's teens. Must run, my bra is digging into my shoulders.