2003   JULY 18   #199

Jesse Lee Turner - The Little Space Girl

This one sure works the old imagination. I think it's a great song promoting how people with differences can finally get along.

- Mike Harras

TT-2:47 / 3.2MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
from the 45 Carlton single (1958)

(Image courtesy of Mike Harras)

Bill Dietz writes:
I've had this 45 since I was seven years old when it was passed onto me from my older sister. Hearing it again today made me curious of the whereabouts of Jesse Lee Turner. I found a music related question and answer website called "Ask 'Mr. Music' Jerry Osborne" with the following:

DEAR JERRY: I read with great interest your "whatever happened to' column where the topic of the whereabouts of Jesse Lee Turner, who recorded "The Little Space Girl,' is discussed. Well, I can answer that question because I am Jesse Lee Turner. I now live in Texas, where I am an evangelist in the ministry. If I can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact me. I would love to talk over music and the '50s with you. —Jesse Lee Turner, Galveston, Texas

DEAR JESSE: At last, Mr. Earth Man — confirmation that you resisted the temptation to marry the little space girl and return with her to the home planet. Thank you very much for writing, it is great to learn of your 2002 status. I do look forward to speaking with you soon.

(Image courtesy of Narkspud)

Max Swanson writes:
Never thought I'd hear "Little Space Girl," again, and I couldn't have said it was by Jesse Turner if my life depended on it. Brings up another song though. ""Space Girl" was a favorite on the old WTCN, 1280 AM, where they tried to mix novelties with Top-40 in the evenings. Another favorite was: A Pub With No Beer by Slim Dusty. It's very Australian, starting out mentioning ""...where the wild dingos howl," and is a cowboy tune in 3/4 time. The biggest chunk of lyrics I can give you is:

O the maid's got all cranky, The bar man's acting queer,
There's nothing so lonesome (?), As a pub with no beer!