2003   JULY 27   #208

Buryl Red & Grace Hawthorne - Know When To Say No/It's Cool In The Furnace

from the liner notes:

Grab your kazoo, your bongos, your tambourine, your drum - any instrument that makes your kind of music - and join in with the "coolest" kids music in years!

You can be Shadrach, you can be Meshach, you can be Abednego (they're the good guys). But just beware of that grouchy old King Neb. (His real name is Nebuchadnezzar, but that's much too fancy for an ill tempered old king!) If you don't watch out, he just might try to throw you into his fiery furnace!

If you like rock, if you like calypso, of folk, or jazz, or blues, you'll love IT'S COOL IN THE FURNACE. It's got the the kind of songs that are super fun to sing, by yourself or with your friends.

Listen to IT'S COOL IN THE FURNACE. Sing along with the album. And if you find yourself liking it a whole lot, play the record for your music teacher at school or in your church. Why? because IT'S COOL IN THE FURNACE isn't just a great album for kids, it's also a real neat kids' musical! That's right, your school or church can perform it just like a musical play!

Now don't forget. If you catch anyone like old King Neb sneaking up behind you, you remember to look him right in the eye and tell him, "You don't scare me, King Neb. It's cool in the furnace!"

Harold Bradley - guitar
Charlie McCoy - harmonica and recorder
Buddy Harmon - drums and percussion
Bill Pursell - keyboards
Farrell Morris - percussion instruments
Bob Moore - bass
Mary Alice Hoepfinger - harp
Sharron Lyon - pipe organ
Don Sheffiled - Trumpet

Recorded at Woodland Sound Studios,
Nashville, Tennessee.

- Otis Fodder

TT-10:24 / 9.5MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "It's Cool In The Furnace: A Children's Musical about Shadrach,
Meshach, and Abednego" (Word Records WST-8580) 1972

Jan Turkenburg writes:
At least there's one thing right about the liner notes of Buryl Red & Grace Hawthorne: music teachers should listen to this. Here's one that enjoyed it immensely!