2007   FEBRUARY 26   #057

G.W. Manning, MD, PhD - The Art of Heart Auscultation

G.W. Manning, MD, PhD - The Art of Heart Auscultation (34:15)

A familiar post to many, a portion of this album is available on the original 365days project (May 3, 2003). I have been inserting "Systolic Murmurs" and "Pericardial Friction Rubs" between songs on my program for some time and would like to share the whole experience with you. Some sounds are what you'd expect from a heartbeat and some are a bit terrifying. So download it and listen well, you may learn them and save a life.....or create some funky rhythms.

- Contributed by: Michel LeGrisbi

Images: Front Cover, Heart Auscultation, Heart Auscultation, Back Cover

Media: 12" LP
Album: The Art of Heart Auscultation
Label: Roche Scientific Service
Catalog: M-8448
Credits: From the Faculty of Medicine, University of Western Ontario, Cardiovascular Unit, Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario. Author/Commentator, G.W. Manning, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine Technical Collaboration, G.C. Steward, Technical Director, Cardiovascular Unit, Victoria Hospital, London Ontario.
Date: Oct. 1970 (This date is not printed anywhere on the album itself, but is hand-written next to the signature "George Manning").