2007   JULY 2   #183

Factual Eyewitness Testimony Of: UFO Encounters

UFO Encounters - Side 1 (23:06)
UFO Encounters - Side 2 (22:33)
UFO Encounters - Side 3 (21:50)
UFO Encounters - Side 4 (22:29)

I have had this 2LP set so long I can't recall how I got it, it may originally been made available through sc-fi mags but I'm not sure.

The listener is treated to a brief history of UFO sightings, what constitutes a UFO and close encounters as well as some great recordings of abductees under hypnosis! The inner gatefold is chock-full of photos and drawings of saucers, aliens and the witnesses. Why aren't there more investigations, WHY?!?!?

- Contributed by: Michel LeGrisbi

Images: Front Cover, UFO Encounters!, UFO Encounters!!, UFO Encounters!!!

Media: 12" 2-LP
Album: "UFO Encounters"
Label: IRA
Catalog: IRA-1178
Date: 1978

Produced by: Investigative Research Associates, INC., Chicago Illinois.
Producer: Steve Cronen.
Exec. Prod.: Ben Christ.
Scientific Consultants: Center for UFO Studies, Evanston Illinois, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Sherman J. Larsen.
Investigation, Research, Writing: Peter Bordwell, Steve Tom.
Narration: Walt Peters.
Music: DeWolfe Music, Inc.
Music Coordination: Walt Peters.
Musical Effects: Ron Figura.
Recorded at: Starbeat Recording Studios, Deerfield, Illinois.
Engineering, Editing & Mix: Steve Cronen.
Album Design: Steve Schaul.
Album Cover Trifid Nebula Photo: Copyright by the California Institute of Technology and the Carnegie Institute of Washington. Reproduced by permission from the Hale Observatories UFO Photos & Documents: Center For UFO Studies.