2007   JULY 5   #186

Rosemary Bailey - Feel Like Making Love

Rosemary Bailey - Feel Like Making Love (3:36)

Rosemary Bailey is a pipe organ virtuoso (click here for a photograph of a marquee billing her and jazz violinist Johnny Frigo) who has also recorded on the Hammond, and this is her surprisingly funky take on Eugene McDaniels' "Feel Like Makin' Love" (titled "Making" here), which was a huge hit for Roberta Flack in 1974.

- Contributed by: Beau Levitt

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Media: LP
Album: Rosemary
Label: Rosemary
Catalog: RB-2000
Credits: Directed and arranged by Rosemary Bailey - Recorded at Sound Canada. Engineer: Brian Mitchell - Cover Photography: Clive Tipple - Percussion: Lorne Grossman - Violin: Lilian Nicholoff. A special thanks to Greg Duff, Bob Clark and other members of the staff at Hammond International Canada, Ltd. for their assistance in the production of this record.
Date: 1976