2007   JULY 10   #191

Glenda Wright - A Nice Melody, sung in a Nice Way, by a Nice Girl

01. Help Me Make It Through The Night (3:25)
02. He (4:32)
03. Freedom (2:41)
04. Without You (3:22)
05. Climb Every Mountain (2:40)
06. I Don't Know How To Love Him (4:16)
07. If (2:56)
08. Everybody's Talkin' (2:21)
09. And I Love You So (3:09)
10. Let Me Try Again (3:32)

Nice. . . . . . .

Picked this up in one of my local Charity shops last week. The cover sort of jumped out at me. I thought it was some sort of Xtian thing at first as the picture on the front projects the kind of pathological Niceness I associate with same. . . But it has no religious affiliations. The intense Niceness however has to do with Glenda's raison d'etre, which the back cover proclaims thus-

""She tries to give her audiences what they like best-a nice melody-sung in a nice way-by a nice girl."

The tracks are pretty much what you would expect; generally pro but anodyne in a seventies radio dance band kind of way if you get me drift. The singing is 'good' in the way that your granny would like. Well, my granny anyway, bless her and may she rest in peace. . And there's some great cheesy guitar on a couple of tracks. The back cover is signed "Thank you all for such a friendly evening! with love from Glenda, X"

sleeve notes say

"There are many girl singers who can sing popular ballads, and several accomplished sopranos who are capable of carrying the leading part in such diverse works as a Humperdink opera, The merry Widow, or The Sound of Music. Female Country and Western singers are perhaps a little more on the rare side-as are girls who can sing the normal repertoire of the big band. We have all heard the soprano, or other classically trained singers trying to sing "Pop". Perhaps even more painful are some 'Pop' singers who try their voices-and often our ears-at a classical aria. Rarely the twain should meet.

Exceptions there are however, and you about to hear such an exception now in the versatile voice of Glenda Wright, who is undoubtedly one of the finest female vocalists around. In buying this record you are adding to the many thousands who have been thrilled by Glenda's live performances throughout the country. If this record seems biased towards the ballads, it is simply because of the fact that she tries to give her audiences what they like best- a nice melody- sung in a nice way- by a nice girl.

She is aided by her musical director David Hughes, leading "Sounds Abound" The small band with the great big sound."

- Contributed by: Jon Allen

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